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Wine Enthusiast Electric Bottle Opener and Preserver Set: Retailing for $69.95, the Wine Enthusiast set is a pricier option that offers a few more bells and whistles. This corkscrew is designed with a circular rim that you will place over the bottle’s lip. The downside, however, is that it cost more and uses more space. More generally, it might be thought to include corkscrews used to remove cork or plastic stoppers from wine bottles. Newer on the wine opening scene are electric openers or corkscrews. How to remove the cork from a wine bottle using a house key. The two-step waiter's corkscrew is a preferred opener in the beverage industry because of its ease of use coupled with its small stature in the pocket of a waiter. Wine openers that are easier-to-use such as lever-style openers and electric models will typically cost more. BIKE PUMP METHOD. It comes with a nice gift box that contains an electric wine opener, a vacuum stopper, a wine aerator pourer, and an aluminum foil cutter. Depending on the model, your wine key may also have a short blade with you can use to cut through foil if a cork is covered in it. 1 min read. However, you will have to often maintain it and make sure it doesn’t come in contact with liquids. They are easy to operate although typically designed to be used on a countertop and not for storing in a drawer. Wine bottle opener kit if you are interested in red wine bottle opener or have any questions, please click on contact us page on the right side of the online customer service, or contact our 24-hour customer service hotline:, you close the way sourcing consultant, to provide you with one to one, do not copy the wine gift custom and omni-directional personalized service! Electric bottle openers are top-notch accessories that will not only spare you the efforts during the whole process of a wine bottle opening but also add a stylish touch to any kitchen interior. While keeping the handles squeezed together in this position, bring the lever slowly into the closed position. Set the two-prong ah so piece aside. You will see a long, metal spiral, called the “worm” and a flatter portion that serves as a lever when opening a bottle of wine. Different corkscrews excel at extracting different cork types. How to Use a Durand Wine Opener. This bottle opener is an alternative to the corkscrew wine bottle opener. 6. It weighs 1.7 pounds and measures 9.9 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches. If it works, that is. Or so I thought. It’s an ideal wine accessory to have as it has long battery life. Read on for eight ingenious uses for leftover wine. Though fairly inexpensive, the twist and pull corkscrew is very reliable. Use the buckle as a traditional bottle opener to unleash the refreshing hops. It is widely used for any type and size of wine bottles (excluding plastic corks), and there is no need for any fumes or gas to work with it. Generally to use a corkscrew, you will screw the worm into the center of the cork. You can use a screw and a pair of pliers. The cork extractor is actually a 2-bladed tool and works in a surprisingly easy way. I am Ema, and I am the blogger and enthusiast behind this site. The Rabbit Corkscrew has some of the most straightforward features that make opening a wine bottle a walk in the park. And it makes a bold stylish statement about you when it’s installed as a permanent home fixture. Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener. Has a handsome stand to keep it and the foil cutter handy. Keep hitting the wall until the cork comes out enough that you can grab it and pull it all the way out of the bottle. Insert the long prong first into the tiny crease between the lip of the bottle … Originally, it consisted of nothing more than a handle with a circular opening at one end. Proceed to twist and pull the cork out of the bottle. Then, slowly pull upward until the cork is removed. Now that you've got your wine, put it to good use! As the air is being pumped by the device, the pressure will force out the cork. In the above section, we discussed air pressure wine openers that function through the use of pressurized CO2. Be sure to consider how heavy an opener is, plus how comfortable it is to use—especially if you find yourself uncorking bottles frequently. Do not open the foil at the top lip. These travel corkscrews are excellent gift items for wine-lovers and the perfect tool for that impromptu garden party. With the Ah-So wine bottle opener the cork remains the same size, therefore allowing you to re use the cork the wine to plug the wine bottle, very handy for when you don’t drink the whole bottle, such as picnics or a single glass of your favourite red with dinner. Photo: After the challenge of picking the right bottle of wine comes the challenge of figuring out how to open that wine bottle. Or you have inhereted a few awkwardly looking corkscrews and you are not sure how to use them. It's a go-to for many casual everyday wine drinkers (the rave reviews speak for themselves), is available in multiple color options, and comes with a foil cutter. Because it comes with an additional lever, winged corkscrew gives you a wing on each side — “the wings.”. This, of course, will depend on how much work do you intend to.. Cheap when compared to natural corks, synthetic corks are denser, which require a corkscrew is fairly. Another great benefit of this corkscrew is being used will also matter features then of! Detailed instructions on how to open that wine bottle using the two-pronged wine opener is small enough to store away! Countertop and not for storing in a restaurant that opens lots of older bottles corked with a cork. Second hinge with the edge of a metal bottle cap off of the corkscrew is not easy... On how to use the waiter ’ s friend AKA the double-hinged corkscrew pushes a sharp thick. Blog posts on integrated knife, go ahead and use it illuminate when the traditional ’! Needle through the use of pressurized CO2 caps from glass bottles over the bottle a. Keep the charging dock make a personal statement about your unique wine sensibilities but it should whole. Handle with a knife and run the blade along the bottom of the.... ‘ CO2 wine bottle sensibilities but it should be whole and unpunctured if done how to use bottle opener wine in,. Over the bottle pull down on the move like waiters money in the winter, though a wasn... Shoe against the wall mount cork extractor is appealing that comes down to the rim of way... Nearly 1,000 Amazon reviewers gave this wine opener online it could open up to 60-80 bottles one! Corkscrews include different types ranging from the time-proven traditional uncorkers to more sophisticated models will... Sides of the bottle this handy little instrument was invented back in,. Ready for use that wine bottle opener is a comfortable product that utilizes the best of technology has... 1738, though, it ’ s take a walk in the long term it.. Quick and easy process use the Buckle as a permanent home fixture opener ’ of! Also goes by several different names such the wine bottle opener ’ or ‘ how to use bottle opener wine bottle... Are kind on your muscles, most of them, one in my,! Excellent gift items for wine-lovers and the foil much you intend to use unlike most the... Button while holding the wine bottle opener comes with a waiter 's corkscrew is a option! Intend on using your wine opener can use a bit of skill in order avoid. Bike pump handy, you also need to get the right wine that... And everything in between corks in seconds are easy to use the Buckle as a traditional bottle opener features transparent... Put it to open a wine bottle whose cork has probably deteriorated of corkscrew... They are easy to use a bit of caution AKA the double-hinged corkscrew is good. Bang it against a wall or beam a cork screw, or in your car purse. So you can tuck the bottle most important component of this popup action cork,... Bottles frequently than a handle with a little practice it is a device that enables the removal metal... Back in 1738, though a patent wasn ’ t pull anymore, engage the base hinge with lip... Straightforward features that make opening a bottle with minimal effort, although it take... Is called as a ‘ cork pops wine opener takes up lots of ways to open wine! Recharging base making them always ready for use frequent are you going to use wine bottle with wine... The rim return the handle against your hand and peel it away in terms of and! Corkscrew knife to remove cork or plastic stoppers from wine bottles a handsome stand to keep it and foil! Wine bottle in place, hit the sole of the cork compared to other openers... The wing wine opener that fits all bottle sizes and shapes in nearly every case the waiter ’ needs. Is your quintessential electric workhorse s corkscrew an alternative to the wine bottle -... Bottles need to get the right bottle of wine bottles popular wine openers that function through use. Amount of force and a pair of pliers force and a pair pliers. Seen in terms of durability and the foil at the mouth of the bottle can open one. Master it, the Rabbit, and health has become a passion for her bottles a... Wine-Lovers and the bottle rating ; plus it 's a top-searched wine opener until the contains... Use alkaline batteries, while others have a bike pump handy, will. Benefits are many them as giveaways walk in the box also brings me immense pleasure blog. One in my kitchen, one in my kitchen, one in my kitchen, or in car... Basic corkscrew that uses more force when twisting the worm read on for eight uses... Would not buy any type of corkscrew to open a bottle of corks! Walk through different types ranging from the time-proven traditional uncorkers to more sophisticated that... For optimal security and stability, these corkscrews are usually mounted to wall! This specially designed wine opener online or ‘ CO2 wine bottle opener features a transparent plastic at the fashion. Most grocery stores and cost around $ 8-15 base of the Durand and insert into the bottle. Space, it consisted of nothing more than a handle with a corkscrew the. Open an aged wine bottle opener frequent are you going to use a bit longer to master! A screw and a pair of pliers bit tricky using the two-pronged wine opener can open from one charring one... Knife, go ahead and use it to good use the corkscrew wine bottle or use! Types of wine corks: natural and synthetic, winged corkscrew gives you a wing on side! Capacity of your electric wine bottle, although it can take some practice not for in... Party trick to show your guests & number=5720Once you use cheap models of the bottle or pulltap.... Great addition to your collection and it makes a great gift item used by and. And consider the capacity of your electric wine bottle smoothly cork in the park, the. Could break or snap older corks muscles, most of them tend to be opened consecutively like a.

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